Physios first point of contact in GP surgeries

30% of a GPs workload is patients with musculoskeletal (MSK) problems such as back and joint pains, muscle aches, sports injuries, so called musculoskeletal conditions. When physios, who are real experts specialising in MSK conditions in their training as opposed to the GPs who are General Practitioners, become the patients first contact, the GPs save time and money. When the physios take the pressure off the GPs, the GPs can focus on what they do best. In West Cheshire, a pilot scheme involving 36 surgeries have seen patients being diverted to an initial appointment with a physio in the surgery instead of seeing a GP. This has so far lead to an 18%  reduction in investigations (x-rays and the like) and a drop of orthopaedic referrals of 28%! This is a huge saving for the NHS meaning taxpayers like you and me. Patient satisfaction was extremely high and the GPs were very pleased with the scheme. Let’s hope it is soon rolled over the whole of the UK!

Team Ealing Physio

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