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Our team of highly experienced chartered and HPC registered physiotherapists have extensive post-graduate training (some have Masters degrees) and knowledge which guarantees expert treatment and advice. Between the five of us we have 64 years of experience!

We are proud of our unique 'hands on' approach to physiotherapy and rehabilitation. You will not leave us having had only e.g. ultrasound or been given just exercises. You will when appropriate, have had your achy muscles massaged; your tense muscles stretched; your stiff joints mobilised; a personal rehab exercise programme prescribed for you; your posture corrected; your training habits discussed; your work position assessed; your car seat adjusted and much, much, more!!

We often hear from new patients that they have in the past missed the deep tissue massage bit they find so beneficial for tense and painful muscles. Yes - we use a lot of deep tissue massage in our treatments.

We can provide you with all the products needed for your recovery - from the foam rollers for your core stability exercises to the spiky balls, heat packs and insoles.

You will also benefit from our brilliant network of specialists such as orthopaedic consultants, podiatrists, Pilates teachers, personal trainers etc should the need arise.

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For more information on the conditions we treat and services we offer, or to book an appointment please call 020 8847 1887 or email us at reception@ealingphysio.co.uk