Osteoarthritis Physiotherapy

Arthritis is the so called 'wear and tear' joint condition which mostly affects the middle aged to elderly population. The joint surface cartilage is worn thin or worn away altogether resulting in 'knobbly' and inflamed joints. Pain and tightness around the affected joint originating in muscles, ligaments and joint capsule irritation can be causing considerable disability. Commonly affected areas are hands/fingers, base of big toes, knees, hips and spine.

Don't let anyone tell you nothing can be done - often it responds very well to physiotherapy approaches and a food supplement called Glucosamine Sulphate. 70% of people over 70 years of age have osteoarthritic changes visible on x-rays but this fortunately doesn't mean they have to be in irreversible pain!

We can not replace the missing cartilage but we can significantly reduce your pain by increasing your limited range of movement and strengthening your weak muscles. This dramatically improves your function ie walking distance or ability to dig the garden. Many of our patients have been able to avoid surgery such as hip replacement with our expert help.

Osteoarthritis Treatments

The treatment can be as follows:

  • You will have not only the painful area assessed but also other problems associated to your complaint which may have contributed or made it worse. It is of essence to address and correct all contributing factors.
  • Tight muscles, ligaments and surrounding joint capsules are loosened up using various massage and stretching techniques and, when appropriate, acupuncture
  • The joint itself is mobilised with hands-on techniques such as traction
  • You get exercises prescribed particularly for your condition; also to do at home. This is the rehab (rehabilitation) bit of your treatment and it is steadily progressed to give you best support for top results.
  • Advice on what to do and what to avoid to speed up your improvement and help you best manage your condition
  • Learn how to continue mobilisation and avoid pain with self-treatment at home after discharge

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