Your first visit

Your first appointment will take 45 minutes. We will ask you a lot of questions about how the problem started, where you feel the pain, what makes it better and what makes it worse. The better you know your problem the easier it is to help you!

Then we will take a look at the area involved (maintaining your modesty at all times; you can borrow shorts from us) and tell you what we think is going on and explain why you are getting the problem in the first place. Often we use models of the joints and muscles involved so that you leave with a clear idea about what is going on. This is, in some ways, the most important bit of the first session, so ask as many questions as you like!

Then we can discuss how we suggest treating the problem, what techniques we might use, how long it might be expected to take to get better and what you can do at home to treat yourself. The first session will also involve actually treating the problem as well. You will be leaving with a diagnosis and a treatment plan.

We will tell you how many sessions you need and book these with you. Our aim is to get you better as quickly as possible so you will leave impressed when cured and tell others about us!

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“ Initially I was unable to comb my hair due to muscle and neck damage. After two treatments I was able to invoice for 16 hours of work - this surely must be the most cost effective medicine I have known. I am a 69 year old Corgi gas engineer. At my age it takes something really outstanding to impress me! You and your practice have done just that.”

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