Bunion treatment

Do you have a big toe that points outwards? This is called a hallux valgus deformity or more commonly known as a bunion.

This bunion can cause significant issues when standing and especially walking. A bunion forms over time when there is excessive pressure on the big toe side of the foot, forcing the toe to point outwards. In the long term if this increases, pressure causes inflammation and forms a permanent deformity.

What can cause excessive pressure in this area? There are external factors, such as tight fitting and pointed shoes, as well as internal factors, such as an individuals foot type, that play significant roles in how your foot operates.

Ensuring you wear shoes that aren't too tight is a simple way to prevent bunion formation. Individuals whose feet tend to pronate excessively (in other words lose their arches) their feet become flat when weight bearing and they have an increase in pressure through this joint. As a consequence they have an inherently higher risk of forming bunions.

Bunion treatment options

A simple yet effective solution to this problem is to wear orthotics (insoles). Orthotics will help hold your foot in an ideal position when weight bearing and allow you to spread the forces throughout the foot. In severe cases, when a bunion has become too large, surgery is the only option.

We diagnose your foot problem and prescribe the exercises that really help. We also know where to refer you for the best orthotics and connect you with the right specialists.

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