Ligament pain

Ligaments are tough connective tissue that joins bones to each other. They contain nerve receptors that provide for a sense of body or joint position in space called 'proprioception'. These nerve endings help convey messages to the brain. However, when you have suffered from a ligament injury called a 'sprain', this ability may be lost and hence you feel that the joint becomes unstable. You may often complain of a sense of clicking or just giving way especially with unguarded movements.

Ligament Sprain Gradings

Ligament sprains can occur in varying degrees and this decides the outcome of your rehabilitation:

  • Grade 1 is tearing of individual fibres of the ligament and usually heals in 2-3 weeks
  • Grade 2 involves greater tearing of ligament tissue but it is not completely torn and heals within a 3-6 week period
  • Grade 3 is complete rupture of the ligament and may require surgery depending if you're a sports person

We conduct certain tests to assess the integrity of the joint. This will enable us to tell you how quickly you can return to sports or if you may have to rest for a bit.

Ligament Pain Treatments

In addition to R.I.C.E (rest, ice, compression, elevation), the acute treatment would include therapeutic ultrasound, acupuncture or aiding proper biomechanical movement through taping. This is then followed by a very crucial part of your treatment, proprioceptive rehabilitation. People often make an error in their self management by avoiding this phase and are left with a stiff joint. We will then a enable you to get full range of movement through either joint manipulations or soft tissue release such as stretches or massage. Following that you needs to strengthen the muscle tissue to provide that additional stability the joint requires.

We are moreover specialists in functional rehabilitation programs that not only enable you to return to sports quickly but also assess and prevent you from the risk of re-injury.

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