Shin splints

Medically termed as medial tibial stress syndrome, the name suggests this is a stress injury to the shinbone. Patients complain of pain in the front of the lower third of the shin that is aggravated at the start and at the end of an exercise or running session. But if the injury is left unattended, you may find that pain is also felt at rest and lasts for a few hours up to a few days. This is a result of chronic loads that are put onto the bone without giving it adequate time to adapt. It occurs most commonly in runners and high velocity/power sports such as basketball and football.

Shin Splints Physio Treatments

We will undertake a thorough history of injury including any changes to your speed, intensity, duration and surface of training, which can have a significant impact on your injury. We will also analyse your faulty foot and knee biomechanics, which could affect your running pattern. This will reduce your risk of further injury. When we have corrected the muscle imbalances within specific muscles of the leg, we aim to go one step further in preventing re-injury by assessing your kinetic chains. This means that we must also address issues in the lower back and pelvis by resolving any leg length discrepancies and improve faulty core muscle strength.

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