Shoulder catching pain

Catching, clicking or popping in the shoulder with aching pain at the top of the shoulder can indicate a tear of the labrum. The shoulder is a ball and socket joint and the glenoid labrum is a cartilage that cuffs the ball and holds this big sized ball into the socket.

Labrum Tears

The labrum can tear as a result of excessive rotation movements at the shoulder especially beyond its anatomical position such as throwing (Javelin or baseball) or sharp biceps contractions in weightlifting.

There are 2 types of tears of the labrum

Bankhart tear

Bankhart tear - tear in the labrum in the front and lower edge of the socket causing the ball of the arm bone to drop and is seen with dislocations of the shoulder.

SLAP tear

SLAP tear - tear of the labrum covering the front and back of the socket. This is usually seen with falls on an outstretched hand.

Shoulder Catching Pain Treatment

It can be managed conservatively through shoulder mobilizations, neck manipulations and an individualised strengthening program of the shoulder. In the event that conservative treatment fails, we would refer you to a consultant for a diagnostic/ arthroscopic procedure. After this, we will encourage your rehabilitation through an extensive shoulder program that can last for up to 6 months.

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