Heel and foot pain

Heel pain occurs due to strain on the plantar fascia- a band that supports the arches of your feet. It connects the heel to the toes. When strained, it becomes painfully swollen at the heel and it is difficult to walk or stand.

You may experience pain in the morning when taking your first steps and then it can gradually go away. But can get worse at the end of the day. It can happen to middle aged people and athletes, on one or both feet. This usually occurs due to bad footwear, tight calf muscles, high or low arches, overweight, running or walking for prolonged periods.

Heel pain physio treatments

We will assess how you walk - if you roll your feet inwards and what shoes could be best suited for you. Treatments include manual massage to release the calf and plantar fascia, therapeutic ultrasound, manipulations of the joints in the foot and a home exercises program.

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