Spinal disc problems

Discs are gel-fluid filled sacs that act as shock absorbers to the spine. During the ageing process, they become less elastic and are more prone to injury. Under stresses such as poor posture and weakened back muscles, the inner material of the disc escapes from between the vertebrae and presses against nerves causing excruciating pain, altered sensation and weakness. The injured disc itself causes a more central lower back pain but can affect the spinal cord that requires immediate medical attention.

Assessment is aimed at identifying the possible level of disc problem, the weakened/tightened muscles and any leg length discrepencies that may occur due to muscle guarding.

Spinal disc physiotherapy treatment

Treatment involves maintaining the hydration of the spine through joint mobilisation or manipulations, soft tissue massage to relieve the muscle guarding. Stretching is initially advised to prevent any compensation that occurs. An important goal is to restore function by ergonomic training and exercises that are directed to return to functional activity

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